2018 Hyundai Genesis

The 2018 Hyundai Genesis is going to be another luxury name from the Korean carmaker. Sedan lineup is fresh, with many new features. Main improvements come to safety systems. Now, the vehicle is safer, and with it, the ride is much more comfortable. The Genesis sedan is an excellent choice either for longer trips, or everyday commuting. The bad news is that price rise is in consideration with such additions. Nevertheless, the 2018 model will keep all previous buyers like on it. We will see the powerful and stylish car, which is reliable, durable and economical at the same time. If this is not enough for someone, there are higher trim levels with more equipment and details. Finally, the interior is very pleasant, with a boost from latest infotainment systems. Navigation, voice controls, air-conditioning, are just some from a long list.

2018 hyundai genesis specs

2018 Hyundai Genesis engine

Rumors are reporting that main unit for 2018 Hyundai Genesis will be a 3.3-l V-6 drivetrain. With twin turbocharger, it is obvious that massive output will come out of it. However, certain information will be announced soon. The good thing about this engine, which uses some other cars, is that vibrations are cut to a minimum. Some versions, such as G80 Sport, will get more powerful engines. For example, there is a 5.0-l V-8. With special all-wheel drive system, it can develop over 400 horsepower and massive torque. Hyundai is also testing some other sources of energy, but we doubt these can be ready for 2018 season. It is more likely to see them in next generation of the sedan, which should arrive after 2020.

2018 Hyundai Genesis styling

As every luxurious vehicle, the 2018 Hyundai Genesis will offer many interesting features. Also, there is new equipment to boost overall impression. Outside, 19-inch wheels are dominating. The Sport model will carry the special performance tires. This car is taking a position in the full-size segment. New intakes are making this car more dynamic. Grille has many copper-colored details on it, so now it is more aggressive. Also, wheel caps and housing of headlights are another accents which are small but have its function in overall design. Door mirrors are black, while Sport G80 model has quad outlets for exhaust.

2018 hyundai genesis sport

2018 Hyundai Genesis competition

The 2018 Hyundai Genesis is arriving during next year. Although we could see first concepts in 2016, the car is not ready yet. One of the reasons is competition. Hyundai is trying to make an impact on the market. However, it is not likely to spoil the party for luxurious German models. Mercedes and BMW are dominating the market with their vehicles, but every year, the Korean manufacturer is one step closer. Now they see it as a treat, and Genesis is the latest model to cause headaches to all rivals. We still need to see what is going on with price, which is a breaking point for this sedan. Most buyers decided to give a shot to Genesis since it was more affordable than alternatives.

2018 hyundai genesis interior

2018 Hyundai Genesis expectations

Fans of luxurious sedans are winners in recent years. Many companies are developing and launching models in this class. That results with the price drop and better equipment, performance, safety. Now, with 2018 Hyundai Genesis trying to elbow its way into the market, there is more interest in the segment. With so many features and details, this sedan is going to lure many new buyers. During the last couple of years, Hyundai has grown to well-known carmaker around the world. With new models in different classes, they are getting more and more users. Everything is being better, and so it is with Genesis luxurious sedan. Enthusiasts, experts, and fans will not accept failure, especially since Korean manufacturer is chasing top in this class.